DVD Decrypter for Mac

dvd decrypter for mac, break the dvd encryption on mac

DVD Decrypter for Mac

DVD Protection/ DVD Encryption

DVD protection or DVD Macvision is not a stange words now. To protect the copyright and keep the commercial benefit, commercial DVDs usually use encryption called CSS (Content Scrambling System) to makes them impossible to be played or be copied by using applications like Disk Utility.

But, there is still some excellent Mac DVD Player applications (like DVD Copy for Mac, DVD Ripper for Mac ) that do know how to decrypt the protected DVDs - otherwise you wouldn't be able to watch those movies on your Mac! We called DVD Decrypter for Mac.

Using DVD Encryption in commerce makes it difficult to copy DVD.

DVD Decrypter for Mac - break the dvd encryption on mac
As we known, many commercial DVDs are actually dual layer DVDs (8.5GB or so ) and cost a lot (compare around + for one dual layer disc vs. around 30 cents for a single layer disc). If we want to enjoy the dual layer DVD without having to spend expensive money, we need to "shrink" the data on the dual layer DVD so that it can be copied on a single layer disc (that can hold up to 4.7GB) on Mac.

To break the protections or encryptions and perfectly play or copy the DVDs on Mac, we need DVD Decrypter for Mac. The DVD Ripper for Mac and DVD Copy for Mac are all excellent decryption software.
Note: It is illegal to break such encryption in the USA (due to the DMCA) and in Europe.

Backuping DVD
Once you have compressed the DVD, you can burn it by using DVD Ripper for Mac, DVD Copy for Mac comes from your Mac ( includes the function of burning dvd). You can also use DVD Copy for Mac to copy a single layer DVD or burn a DVD from a folder on the hard disk.This makes burning DVDs simple, although the application is not free.

Copying DVD on hard drive
If you don't want to have an exact copy of your DVD to another recordable DVD but rather take it with you on your HD while you travel for example, then just stop after ripping the DVD to your hard disk with DVD Ripper for Mac.

Enjoying DVDs on iPod, iPhone and other portable Players
If you want to copy your DVD to your iPod, iPhone and other portable Players for watching, please use DVD Ripper for Mac and set the parameters to what you want.

The application is easy-to-use, you can soon enjoy the favorite DVDs with iPod, iPhone or other portable players with just a few clicks.