Remove DVD protection

How to remove protection from DVD on Mac

Remove DVD Protection

Why do we need to remove DVD protection?

Commercial DVDs usually use encryption called CSS (Content Scrambling System) to makes them difficult to be illegally played or be copied by using applications like Disk Utility.

But as we known, the protected discs are all very expensive. Even if we have bought the protected discs, we still have to spend expensive money when the disc is wrong or missing. Or we bought our favorite DVD when travel in other country but failed to play. So if we want to have to spend much money , we need to remove DVD protection and backup our favorite DVDs. It is illegal to break such encryption in the USA (due to the DMCA) and in Europe while it is permitted in some country.

To Mac OS, the DVD Ripper for Mac and DVD Copy for Mac are all helpful for us to remove the protection and successfully backup them.

How to remove DVD protection?

If we want to remove DVD protection, please free download the DVD Ripper for Mac or DVD Copy for Mac and successfull install them. Here we take the DVD Ripper for Mac as an example.

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Step 1: Run the DVD Ripper for Mac, you will see the following interface.

remove dvd protections

Step 2: Load DVD files (Must select the protected DVD to compare the result)
Click "Load DVD" or "Load IFO" on the top of the main interface to add DVD files, or you can drag the files to the specific place.

remove dvd protections

Step 3: Set the output format and the output folder.(Select on the right bottom of the main interface)

Click remove dvd protections button, and you can choose the output format and rename the file.

remove dvd protections

You can click "Options" button to set profile settings.

remove dvd protections

Step 4: Start to backup
Check the above settings and then click "Convert" to backup the protected DVD.

Have the DVD Copy for Mac or DVD Ripper for Mac, removing DVD protections is a pieces of cake. But please backup the DVD in your coutry's permission.